Lost or Stolen Firearms

Throughout the safe firearms storage website, we encourage owners to secure their firearms to keep them from getting into the wrong hands – including children, at-risk youth, potential thieves, and those who intend to harm themselves or others. However, the rights and responsibilities of a firearms owner do not end with secure storage. If the firearm is lost or stolen, it is imperative to work quickly to report the theft or loss.

Record Your Firearm

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) created a downloadable record-keeping form that allows firearms owners to record their firearms inventory to aid in keeping track of their property and to help track down criminals if a firearm is stolen. This form is downloaded or printed and maintained by the firearm owner and used as needed. ATF recommends the firearms owner keep the form in a safe location separate from his/her firearms in case of theft. You can find the form at http://www.atf.gov/sites/default/files/assets/pdf-files/atf-p-3312-8.pdf.

Another option for firearms owners who want to record pertinent information about their firearms is a personal database created through commercially-available database software. Just like the record-keeping form discussed above, having a database makes it easier to provide law enforcement with the serial number and other information it will need to try to recover the firearm if it is stolen.

Working together everyone in the community can play a role in preventing firearms thefts, unintentional injuries, accidental shootings, and other gun-related incidents. NCPC and its partners encourage you to share the Safe Firearms Storage campaign with other firearms owners and community members to encourage safe and secure storage practices.

Reference Guide

To further assist with depicting storage options, we photographed a few of these options for two of the most common firearms via Snapguide – a social media reference guide illustrating how to lock up and store your handgun or long gun.

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